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Article on "Symbionts" and "Synergists"
Proven effectiveness
"All typhoons arise in the ocean, all diseases arise in the intestine."
Tibetan medicine

We want to live and enjoy life, work in full force, love, relax, be active and young. To achieve this, we need an integrated approach to personal health.

Unfavorable environment, stress, alcohol, food containing an excessive amount of preservatives, products full of modified and semisynthetic substances, vitamins of synthetic origin, washing surfactants - all this has a negative impact on the human body. Over the past 150-200 years, humankind has created, according to various estimates, up to 1.5 million synthetic molecules (xenobiotics), huge amounts of which are released into water, air and soil. Once they get into the human body, these molecules entail at first slow, then avalanche-like changes in cells and tissues, which can lead to the development of autoimmune, oncological and other diseases.

The body is able to absorb and neutralize pathogenic flora and xenobiotics, however, with the time there comes a point of their accumulation in the body. This is followed by the intoxication and development of diseases.

What happens to the cells of the human body?

The study was based on the phenomenon of dissymmetry, which was first discovered by Antoine Béchamp, and later researched by his student Louis Pasteur. Fundamental principles of this discipline were also studied by P. Curie, V. I. Vernadsky, and other scientists. In XX-XXI centuries, particular attention to this phenomenon was paid by Prof. Kutushov, who, relying on his theory and practical results, proved that dissymmetry and anisotropy is the basis of living matter. The nature of all inanimate, on the contrary, is symmetrical. The cells of living organisms mainly have left-handed proteins, which corresponds with the laws of dissymmetry. Synthetic molecules, xenobiotics, once they get into the body, violate the spatial folding of proteins, which means that left-handed proteins convert into right-handed. That leads to the loss of anisotropy, i.e. diseases, including cancer.

Regularly, about 10 million mutated cancer cells are formed in the human body as a result of DNA defects, carcinogenic exogenous factors or the imbalanced metabolism. If the immune system gets weakened, the "broken" proteins start growing actively on healthy fibers, which undermines all the mechanisms of healthy tissue functioning.

Any disease is caused by the disorder of the symbiosis of "beneficial" and "harmful" microorganisms.

The human body has a "buffer layer" which protects it from viruses. This "layer" consists of beneficial microorganisms and single-cell living formations - symbionts.

Each cell of a healthy body falls to share up to 100 microorganisms.

The modern human possesses abnormally little of such protection. Many factors can be the reason for this, for example, unfavorable environment, unhealthy lifestyle or consumption of antibiotics.

Human cells are highly susceptible to the impact of microorganisms and viruses, for example, 90% of the world's population is infected with the herpes virus; and herpes infection, in its turn, has several strains and HPV infection.

When this virus penetrates the DNA, it begins reprogramming it. This leads to the active multiplication of chlamydia and fungi, which later displace the symbionts in the human body. It also opens the way for viruses of hepatitis, AIDS and multiple sclerosis. The weakened immune system stops responding to danger. Today 90% of the world's population suffers from the gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, which is also an indication of buffer protection decrease.

Today, to be healthy, it is not enough to possess good genetics. Beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It is in the intestine where vitamin В is produced, thus, the immunity is formed.

However, the human body should have much more beneficial bacteria than the human can consume (the number of beneficial bacteria types in the gastrointestinal tract of a healthy body amounts to up to 400).

That is why the demand for microbial symbionts that restore biocenosis is increasing.

Microbiocenosis (a set of microorganisms inhabiting a territory with the same conditions of existence) affects all body systems: cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and immune system.

In the human body there is a constant struggle between "bad" and "good" bacteria, but for the body to function normally, it is necessary to achieve homeostasis. Favorable microflora contributes to the reinforcement of the immune system and the establishment of normal homeostasis. In order to restore the immune status, people have started resorting to biotherapy.

In 2010, a major work was carried out on the development, research and production of the products called "Synergists" (Rus. Sinergisty) and "Kutushov's Symbionts" (Rus. Simbionty Kutushova).

Thanks to the scientific tandem of Professor of medicine, Dr. habil. Mikhail Vladimirovich Kutushov (full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, awarded with R. Koch Medal for merits to Research and A.S. Popov Medal for his contribution to development of invention) and Dr. habil. Pyotr Ayusheevich Shablin (Founder of Em-Center LLC Scientific and Production Association), a new product has been created that aims at restoration and maintenance of health, and cancer prevention. The principles of biophysics, crystallography, philosophy, and other disciplines are combined in the product, taking into account the functional proportions of the components. "Kutushov's Symbionts" is a natural fermented milk food product for treatment and prevention of various types of medical conditions. The product is produced on the basis of a complex, multicomponent symbiotic combination and the main beneficial food microorganisms.

The product's ingredients include symbionts (single-cell living structures), pigments, microorganisms (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, etc.), organic acids and trace elements. "Kutushov's Symbionts" is based on the Mongolian fermented milk drink with a thousand-year history – Khurunga. The standard for its fermentation has been researched and certified.

The product contains selenium and silicon essential for the human body. Silicon creates a colloidal system in the human body, which has the ability to "stick" viruses onto itself. I. V. Vernadsky said: "No organism can exist without silicon". Silicon deficiency can lead to the formation of kidney stones, development of psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, stroke, mental disorder, problems with liver, etc. Silicon and other trace elements deficiency often occurs as a result of dysbacteriosis.

How does it work?

"Kutushov's Symbionts" and "Synergists" restore dissymmetry and anisotropy in damaged, old and malign cells. It has been established that in cancer, aging, diabetes and other diseases of civilization, human cells get "rearranged" to the isotropic state. Single-cell living structures - microsymbionts - restore anisotropy and dissymmetry, thus, prevent cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

In addition, the product contains symbionts that mainly focus on cancer. Scientists from the city of Perm have proven that an endosymbiont, contained in the product, called group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus, destroys cancer cells due to proteinase and streptolysin-S (enzymes contained in this endosymbiont) and, due to streptokinase (an enzyme contained in this endosymbiont), protects the body from fibrous blood clots, and therefore, from heart attack and stroke.

Chemotherapy destroys not only cancer cells, but also healthy cells, which leads to intoxication. This product contributes to healthy cells preservation and detoxication, which makes it indispensable during and after chemotherapy.

Dysbacteriosis is the cause of many serious diseases. Regular intake of "Kutushov's Symbionts" suppresses the putrefactive process in the intestine, restores digestive microflora, and thus contributes to the prevention of gastritis, ulcers, colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, etc.

Active ingredients containing in the product contribute to the reduction of stone formation in the gallbladder and kidneys, as well as restoration of metabolic processes. The impacts on the pancreas, liver, and kidneys are reduced tenfold.

"Kutushov's Symbionts" increase the number of proteins in the blood, as a result, muscle mass grows, atherosclerosis decreases, the state of the myocardium improves.

Thus, "Kutushov's Symbionts" carry the following functions: immunity reinforcement, protection from pathogenic flora and viruses.

Today, the product is issued in 4 positions: "Kutushov's Symbionts" (with blueberry, with broccoli and with apricot), "Synergists" (mix of broccoli, blueberry, and apricot).

"Kutushov's Symbionts" with apricot:

Ingredients: regular milk with symbiotic ferment, apricot kernel, iodine, selenium;

Kernels of apricot seeds contain the necessary amount of vitamin B17. This vitamin contains cyanide, which is able to destroy a cancer cell. At the same time, cyanide does not cause any harm to healthy cells. Once penetrating a healthy cell, cyanide converts into a simple carbohydrate. Thus, this way natural chemotherapy is performed.

Vitamin B17 is an effective anti-cancer agent. This was stated by an American biochemist Edwin Krebs in his report at the annual conference of oncologists in 1989.

"Kutushov's Symbionts" with blueberry:

Ingredients: regular milk with symbiotic ferment, blueberry, iodine, selenium.

Blueberry is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. The berry is rich in substances essential for health: lactic, citric, quinic, oxalic, succinic and malic acids. Blueberry contains micro- and macroelements: manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, zinc and chromium; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin PP and Vitamin B complex; essential oils, alcohol, and tannins. The iron contained in blueberry can be completely absorbed by the body.

Regular consumption of blueberry minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases development. Blueberry has anti-inflammatory, anti-putrescent, diuretic, choleretic and astringent effects.

The most beneficial antioxidant is anthocyanin, which is found in blueberry in much bigger amounts than in other plants.

The berry contains glycoside myrtillin which lowers blood sugar and restores the pancreas functioning.

Blueberry carotenoids improve visual function, blood circulation in the eyes, night vision, and regenerate retinal cells. Regular consumption of blueberry is recommended for the people whose job implies working a lot on the computer.

"Kutushov's Symbionts" with broccoli:

Ingredients: regular milk with symbiotic ferment, broccoli, iodine, selenium.

The active substance sulforaphane contained in broccoli helps normalize hormonal levels, which is especially important for women during menopause. Broccoli has the ability to remove extra estrogen from the body, which is beneficial for people suffering from breast and uterine cancer. This ability is associated with the action of such anti-carcinogens contained in broccoli as beta-carotene, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, potassium and some amino acids. Thus, broccoli removes free radicals and toxins from the body, which helps cleanse the blood and eliminate toxins related problems such as boils, itching, rash, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, kidney disease, eczema.


Ingredients: regular milk with symbiotic ferment, broccoli, apricot, blueberry, iodine, selenium.

A specially selected proportion of symbionts and components of plant origin in the product combines the antioxidant function of blueberry, the anti-oncological action of vitamin B17 contained in the kernels of apricot seeds, and the ability to restore the female body hormones due to the use of broccoli in the product.

Posology and method of administration:

For cancer prevention and immunity restoration, take 1 tablet twice a day after meals for the period of one month, repeat the course every 6 months. In case of an infectious disease or for the prevention of late and early complications of chemotherapy, take 2 - 3 tablets twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) after meals. Chewing or dissolving is recommended. (The bacteria in the tablets are in the state of anabiosis, but once they get into the oral cavity, the bacteria "wake up" and start displacing the anaerobic flora in the mouth.) Non-interrupted course of intake of the product provides the maintenance of immunity and health as a whole.

At what age can one take "Kutushov's Symbionts" and "Synergists"?

One can take "Kutushov's Symbionts" and "Synergists" at any age, starting from the neonatal period of life.

Side effects:

Individual intolerance of the components, in particular, lactose.


"Kutushov's Symbionts" and "Synergists" are food products that have various functions:

  • suppression of pathogenic and putrefactive flora and restoration of the healthy microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • digestive aid; protein fermentation;
  • detoxication; reduction of poisoning of various etiologies (including alcohol);
  • improvement of vitamins and minerals absorption; amino acids synthesis; restoration and protection of the cell membrane;
  • cholesterol reduction;
  • prevention of infectious and viral diseases, as well as oncology.
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